The TVce Toolbar What?
Fast Web Search
With useful searching engine of choice among do a internet searching.
Toolbar Radio & Live Tv Player
Listen to your favorite online radio stations and television, straight from the toolbar
New Alerts to Your Desktop
Our most important news and alerts on your desktop to easily reach.
Best of our site
We send our latest content directly to your browser, Wherever you are on the web.
Favorite Links
Selected links to all your favorite sites in Web links. Get the best sites.
Setup in seconds, Includes Uninstaller.
Toolbar versions:
System Requirements
Windows, Linux, Mac 
This software is completely free. Toolbar download, can be customized as desired. With a few clicks you can add the desired items and remove others. In the gallery you will find many apps. If you do not find the page, simply type the URL to add your own app. You can sort your apps as desired, add or remove labels, and even change the size of the searching box. You can change the searching settings and from a number of select pages that can be searched directly, including Wikipedia and Flickr. Toolbar download, google-search leads precisely to the desired information. Smart new features will help you find what you want even faster, and make them aware of potential online dangers. As you enter the keywords you receive useful suggestions for related searches and direct links to frequently visited pages. Dynamic searches while you type the keywords you receive useful suggestions for related searches and direct links to frequently visited pages. Direct access to desired information. You can jump directly from the search box on search results pages on other sites such as news and images. 100% Safe Search. Şeçilen also carefully logged dozens of sites before the game can be played through your browser. Many elected to implement the necessary tools to access the menu. E-mail attachment from an e-mail through our mail accounts can be read immediately. Application can ride on the world with google maps and road maps can check your own city. Many around the world to watch live television and the entertainment we choose to listen to dozens of radio. On the toolbar also can follow your facebook account. Please download for more features.
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